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 Create Positive Business Relationships
Business is all about relationships among people. The integration of your staff into your business relationships through STAFF WEB PAGE will let customers know (see and read about) the people they are doing business with. People Respond to People.
 Create Employee Sense of Belonging
Through the power of the Internet, business websites have become the most import brochures for companies serious about their bottom-line. Displaying an employee at your company's website provides a sense of importance, inclusion and belonging. Talking about belonging, has a built-in date feature that can email ''Happy Birth Day'' and ''Happy Anniversary'' messages to your staff.
 Organize Your Staff Information
With your account, you can organize all your staff at one centralized website: upload photos, add messages, list awards, honors, certifications, training, memberships, specialties, reviews, biography...
 Give Individual Access and Control
The basic account comes with 100 Staff profiles with, at least, 5 Master Users and 95 Basic Users. Each Staff can have his/her own login where he/she can update profile: add photos, messages, social media...
 Show a Consistent Staff Directory
Show a consistent staff directory at ''ALL YOUR WEBSITES.'' This feature is particularly useful for companies and organizations that have multiple locations (e.g. car dealers, chain stores, school districts). Instead of managing staff separately for each location or instead of waiting on a Webmaster to manually update your staff page, you would simply give your Webmasters one link. From your STAFF WEB PAGE link, all your sites will show the same directory.
 Save Time & Money. Avoid Duplicate Entries
If you are a retailer for multiple OEM products with multiple OEM-provided websites, it is possible that you have to upload the same Staff to multiple websites. This is a complete waste of time and money for your business. You should use the platform to solve this problem.
 Search Engine Marketing and Dominance
Your Staff's information (names, experiences, expertise, backgrounds, etc.) creates unique data for your company, products and services. Hence STAFF WEB PAGE helps to create additional indexing of POSITIVE INFORMATION about your company in the Search Engines. Google, Yahoo and Bing love this kind of information. In many cases, your page may show up in more search results than your main website itself.
 Make Social Networking Connections gives you the ability to connect each staff with up to 3 separate social media or private website links. The systems automatically recognizes Facebook, Twitter, CARNNECT, iBizVo, YouTube and LinkedIn.
 Reviews by Co-workers and Management
Reviews have become a ''big thing'' on the Internet with "anybody" having the ability to ''defame'' your company and staff at any of the many review sites out there. It seems the Internet takes away people's inhibitions, hence we see more negative postings. Combat this with STAFF WEB PAGE.

Who knows your Staff's work ethics better than management, supervisors and co-workers? To help you disseminate positive information, gives you the ability to include reviews by in-house management, supervisors and co-workers for each Staff. Visitors at your website or on the Search Engines will have access to these positive and truthful reviews.
 Let users Recommend, Endorse or Complain
The best form of advertisement for your company is ''WORD OF MOUTH'' recommendations by pleased customers and endorsers.

The STAFF WEB PAGE platform give customers at your website the opportunity to submit 5-Star recommendations on each staff. You can build stronger testimonials through direct social interaction with all site visitors.

You can create the opportunity for trusted groups (e.g. Chamber or Commerce) and individuals (e.g. local leaders) to submit endorsements for your company and staff directly at your website. Earn trust through endorsements.

The software allows unhappy customers to submit ''complaints'' directly at your website. This is an opportunity for YOUR customers to tell you exactly how your company can better serve them. You get to socially resolve customer complaints through your website and control your company's reputation.
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